What are the benefits to students?

  • It helps learners produce written work with independence. The tools can be used instinctively by learners to write and self correct with less teacher and TA intervention required.
  • Many students have a good understanding, but can be frustrated by not being able to express this adequately in written form. The software helps learners write what they really want to say, whether it’s a single word or a whole story or concept.
  • By providing literacy support, students may achieve improved marks as they are likely to be more engaged, express their full understanding and self correct.
  • Learners can benefit from using WordQ SpeakQ in classrooms, when writing outside the classroom and in exams
  • Pupils’ self esteem and confidence can be dramatically increased as they are enabled to articulate their understanding more effectively

What are the benefits to parents?

  • See benefits to pupils above.
  • If you buy and install the discounted software (see installation section), you can support pupils learning at home and see what’s happening in school

What are the benefits to staff?

  • The software will free up staff time in and outside of lessons by giving pupils, who previously needed more one to one support, more independence to write and self correct. It will allow staff to focus more on supporting the young person’s understanding, rather than their literacy.
  • Student marks will be higher as they can more effectively express their ideas
  • When pupils are engaged and able to communicate their understanding effectively, their frustration and challenging behaviours are likely to be reduced
  • Students will be able to convey what they mean more effectively in written form during classroom activities as well as when producing homework and coursework
  • If students have proven use of the software in school, they will be able to use it to enhance their grades during exams, without the need for scribes.

What are the whole school benefits?

  • Inclusive and flexible tools for pupils with SEND as well as other learners. WordQ SpeakQ will support your MFL departments in French, German and Spanish too.
  • Students who can express themselves effectively, will be more confident learners, less disruptive, achieve more and have high self esteem
  • Save money!! Using this tool, which schools get at no additional cost as part of their LGfL package, means that there will be less need to buy voice recognition tools, text to speech, word prediction and other literacy software as WordQ SpeakQ does it all
  • “Inspectors…will consider the extent to which the school intervenes to provide support for improving pupils’ literacy, especially those pupils at risk of underachieving.” OFSTED (2015)
  • This tool supports whole school literacy as it improves pupils’ written communication across all subjects. Departments can even configure subject based topic lists.
  • Assistive technology, which students use as their proven way of studying, is permissible in exams (JCQ Council for Qualifications, 2015). Many learners have benefitted from the use of WordQ SpeakQ in exams and anecdotal evidence suggests that this has made a dramatic difference.