What is Word Q Speak Q

WordQ SpeakQ is an easy-to-use and powerful literacy tool that helps young people who can type, but have trouble with writing, grammar and spelling. It includes Word Prediction, Speech Recognition and Spoken Feedback and it can be installed on staff, pupil or school computers. When installed, the WordQ SpeakQ toolbar will appear which will can be used online or offline on any programme, wherever a young person can type.

  • School staff can be assured that it can support students to maximise their written potential within lessons, when producing work outside of the classroom and during exams, saving time and money on costs of scribes.
  • Parents and carers can see their young person benefit from confidence, independence and self esteem as they are finally able to produce work that reflects their understanding.
  • Young people will finally be able express themselves effectively and produce work that demonstrates their ability.

More detailed information on Word Q

1. Multi supportive toolbar which hovers anywhere you can type, online or offline. It helps only as much as learners need with functions that easily turn on or off.
The WordQSpeakQ Ribbon Toolbar
2. Word prediction which works even if words are spelled creatively or missing parts.
Example of WordQSpeakQ word predicition
3. It offers a list of words with similar meaning to add variety to your writing.
Example of WordQSpeakQ word lists
4. It gives examples for words that sound similar by using them in a sentence.
Example of WordQSpeakQ listing similar sounding words
5. It lets staff or learners modify word prediction so specific vocabulary is prioritised when certain topics are being studied.
Example of WordQSpeakQ's modifyable word predicitions

More detailed information on SpeakQ

1. Users can hear what they have typed which helps them to self correct. For example, they can hear incorrect spellings, grammar sounds off and bad punctuation disrupts the rhythm helping people to self-correct their text. In the sentence below, they can hear missed commas and full stops.
WordQSpeakQ allows users to hear punctuation

2. It reads aloud documents, websites, emails and instant-messaging if required.
WordQSpeakQ can read aloud documents

3. It includes linguistically aligned dictionaries and speech feedback for English, French, and Spanish

4. Word Q provides speech recognition so a learner can say the word they want to type and it will appear. They can even dictate a stream of words which will be typed as they speak.
WordQSpeakQ provides speech recognition