Getting started

Getting help

Before you get started, don’t forget to read the information in the About section. Remember that help can also be found under Options in your WordQ SpeakQ toolbar.

Word Q Speak Q Help menu location

Getting started

1. When starting to use WordQ SpeakQ yourself, or when you are beginning to introduce it to young people, make sure the software has been installed on the computer you are using. Once it has been installed, when you click on WordQ SpeakQ for the first time, you will be asked to select your chosen language and save the wdq file. See the view guide.

Word Q Speak Q desktop icon

2. When it has been installed, you can use it as a literacy support when working offline or online. Just open up the program you would like to use it with, such as Microsoft Word, and then open WordQ SpeakQ itself or vice versa.

Word Q Speak Q toolbar in Microsoft Word

3. You will see the WordQ toolbar at the top of the screen which you will be able to drag and drop to a convenient location. You can use the minimise button to minimise it or the WordQ icon Small WordQSpeakQ icon at the bottom of your screen to maximise it and start using it again.

4. This toolbar includes access to the many key features. This help guide has only been created to get you started. For more help, click on Options then Help.

Word Q Speak Q help menu location

5. You will be able to view pdf and video guides to use the many features of WordQ SpeakQ.