Home Use

1. Staff can download WordQ SpeakQ on a home computer. They need to be logged in with their LGfL username to do this.

2. If a student or parent would like to download and use the software on a home computer, they can buy the WordQ SpeakQ software for home use with an LGfL wide 70% discount. The costs are outlined below:

  • WordQ - £29.70 (ex VAT)
  • WQSQ - £41.70 (ex VAT)

3. In order to receive a 70% discount, you need the LGfL Coupon Code of WordQ SpeakQ.

4. This can be accessed:

  • By visiting the discount page if you have an LGfL or TRUSTnet username
  • By asking the school to click the above and give you the code
  • By emailing wordqspeakq@lgfl.net with details of your child’s school name and address

5. Once you have the code, go to the store

6. Press Standard

Word Q Speak Q selection screen

7. Press Online Activation Code with Home and School installation – WordQ and Add to Basket.

8. Add and apply the code

Adding the discount code to the basket

9. The discount below will be available for Online Activation Codes only (not postal items). Continue to check out.